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TRON (TRX) - Die nächste Krypto-Rakete?

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313 Postings, 2934 Tage meischer_ederTRON (TRX) - Die nächste Krypto-Rakete?

14.12.17 17:01
TRON is a blockchain-based decentralized protocol that aims to construct a worldwide free content entertainment system with the blockchain and distributed storage technology. The protocol allows each user to freely publish, store and own data, and in the decentralized autonomous form, decides the distribution, subscription and push of contents and enables content creators by releasing, circulating and dealing with digital assets, thus forming a decentralized content entertainment ecosystem. Peiwo App with over 10 million users will become the first TRON-compatible entertainment APP.  

313 Postings, 2934 Tage meischer_ederCould This Millennial 'Crypto' Tech Visionary ...

14.12.17 17:03
... Be The Next Jack Ma?

There are not many people who are truly believed to be the 'next Jack Ma', founder and executive chairman of Alibaba. Enter, stage right, Justin Sun, an ingenious visionary with the determination to make his businesses global game changers. Now could he really be the next Jack Ma in the making?

TRON has already transcended Bitcoin and Ethereum to become the first smart contract blockchain protocol with over 10 million (m) wallet users in the world.

As a decentralized digital entertainment protocol based on the blockchain, TRON enhances digital entertainment platforms around the world, including live shows, social networks, online casinos and games as well as mobile games, by providing functions of payment, development, storage and credit sharing.

The protocol used by TRON currently enables the digital entertainment content providers to interact with ordinary users to what is touted as an unprecedented level - without having to pay a high price for Google Play, Apple Store and other distribution platforms.

Interest in TRON is running on high as it is already showing the same magnitude and growth path as Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba, gaining the financial backing and seals of approval from some of the biggest business names in the world. Well, in China to be precise.

The list of protagonists include Tang Binsen, the founder of Clash of Kings; Dai Wei, the founder and CEO of OFO bike, one of the largest sharing economy companies in China; Chaoyong Wang, founder of China Equity Group, one of the largest investment groups in China with market value of over $2 billion (bn); Yin Mingshan, LiFan group founder and one of the largest motor manufacturers in China; Yang Linke, the founder of

They are joined by Xue Manzi, one of the most famous Angel Investors in China, and amongst others.

The global market for digital entertainment products has been estimated according to various sources to be worth approximately $1 trillion, split between lifestyle ($200bn), online betting ($500bn), online gaming (c.$100bn) and information sharing ($100bn).  

48 Postings, 744 Tage EscapologistHmm, das hättest auch im Altcoin-Thread

14.12.17 17:30

1766 Postings, 2415 Tage Santander@ 1

14.12.17 20:59

313 Postings, 2934 Tage meischer_ederTRON (TRX) geht ab wie eine Rakete

04.01.18 09:14
Top 10 bei den Kryptos erreicht. +100% in 24h. +350% in 7d.  

563 Postings, 809 Tage Joschi1972Erstes...

04.01.18 19:36
...Spiel im Netzwerk am 07. Januar...

125 Postings, 529 Tage TorquesplitGibt es denn bei TRON/ADA

04.01.18 19:51
so ne Art Kursziel???

sind ja schon gut gelaufen?  

408 Postings, 675 Tage IndianaJones007Ich glaub sowas kann aktuell keiner vorhersagen

04.01.18 20:06
Schön wäre ein Kursverlauf wie bei Ripple  

36 Postings, 504 Tage djello21trx

05.01.18 10:09
Wo habt ihr denn eure Trons gespeichert? Lasst ihr sie auf der Börse liegen oder in einem wallet (bspw. Myetherwallet)? Und was ist die dahinter liegende Strategie?  

563 Postings, 809 Tage Joschi1972Morgen...

05.01.18 11:44
...We will have a live streaming on January 6th 10am GMT+8 Beijing time. Update you with the latest partnership and tech development. Please don't miss the show! Sun auf Twitter...



563 Postings, 809 Tage Joschi1972Da...

07.01.18 10:31
...sich viele vom Livestream mehr erhofft hatten, gibt´s momentan eine kleine Konsolidierung nach dem starken Anstieg...
Bin gespannt welches Nasdaq-Unternehmen kommende Woche als neuer Partner vorgestellt wird...
TRON witnessed a considerable fall. The digital currency posted a massive decline of 11% as it fell to $0.16

355 Postings, 1516 Tage SV34Bin her jetzt mal auch dabei

07.01.18 15:21
allerdings wie bei Ripple nur mit einer sehr kleinen Position. Bin auch gespannt was hier nächste Woche veröffentlicht wird.  

1503 Postings, 623 Tage JackcointToken-Warning

07.01.18 19:16
i checked Justin Sun's Wallets and was scared!
The creator Wallet of the TronToken Contract send (for some tests?) a transaction to I think this is a side Wallet of Justin Sun.  

563 Postings, 809 Tage Joschi1972Ver-Arsche... ;)

07.01.18 20:23
..."This kind of posts has a nickname that fits perfectly. BULLSHIT! Even Charlie Lee understood that it was just FUD and deleted his tweet. The OP is just trying to buy cheap TRX and newcomers believe this shit. The TRON creators have their 35 billions locked for TWO YEARS . They are so stupid to drop the price of 35 billions just to get 6??? This is just a try to make noobs sell their TRX because of the next's week big announcement...." ;)))  

1 Posting, 2800 Tage daOnklneue Attacke?

09.01.18 22:52
trx stürzt aktuell wieder gewaltig!  

563 Postings, 809 Tage Joschi1972Ja...

10.01.18 16:29

1503 Postings, 623 Tage JackcointDas list sich gut....

10.01.18 17:50

563 Postings, 809 Tage Joschi1972Hab...

10.01.18 18:10 knapp 1 Millionen Stück und halte mindestens 1 Jahr!

Mit "der" Preisentwicklung wäre ich einverstanden, kann aber auch ruhig schneller gehen... laugthing


1296 Postings, 7027 Tage VmaxDies ePreisvorhersagen sind totaler

10.01.18 19:11
Blödsinn, zeig mir doch mal eine Seite wo die Lottozaslen vorhergesagt werden...  

563 Postings, 809 Tage Joschi1972War...

10.01.18 19:47
...doch auch als Spaß gedacht, wenn auch nicht unmöglich!
Lottozahlen? Geht auch ohne!
Aber auch ohne Kryptos wünsche ich dir viel Erfolg mit deinem Tagesgeldkonto... ;)  

1503 Postings, 623 Tage Jackcointwobei der Januar noch nicht vorbei ist ;-))

10.01.18 20:05

563 Postings, 809 Tage Joschi1972Kooperationsmeldungen...

10.01.18 20:20 Nasdaq gelisteten Unternehmen werden in Kürze erwartet... Dann geht der Punk ab... ;)
Bitcoin, Ripple and Ethereum are still grabbing most of the headlines in the cryptocurrency word, but one lesser-known cryptocurrency has been coming on strong. After gaining 500 percent in a week back ...

1503 Postings, 623 Tage Jackcointgeht wieder UP.......

10.01.18 23:33
bin gespannt ob und was diese Woche an News noch kommt....

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