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Rakuten wesentlich besser als Rocket

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51098 Postings, 5510 Tage LibudaRakuten wesentlich besser als Rocket

15.11.14 10:58
- und daher habe ich mir nach dem Einstieg bei Alibaba, die inzwischem mehr als 20% gut gemacht haben, auch einige Rakutens gekauft.

Look Out Amazon, Here Comes...Rakuten?
Japanese e-commerce firm Rakuten announced on Tuesday it is acquiring Ebates for $1 billion.

The acquisition, which Rakuten hinted at last week, is part of the Japanese company?s push to grow its base beyond its domestic market and hopefully, become a global player. Having made some $1.2 billion acquisitions to date along these lines, this is Rakuten?s most ambitious move to date.

However, investors are dubious that the company can absorb yet another foreign acquisition, much less one the size of Ebates, despite Rakuten?s strong cash position.
Then there is the ever-present Amazon, which dominates the e-commerce market in the U.S. Few believe it will falter in the face of Chinese giant Alibaba, much less a Rakuten-Ebates combo.

Rakuten Goes Forth

Not surprisingly, Rakuten says it is undaunted. For starters, it has assembled a very interesting mix of acquisitions. There is messaging app Viber, which it purchased for $900 million in February, the Canadian ebook offering Kobo, Spanish video service, Viki, a digital content platform and
Now it has picked up Ebates.  
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51098 Postings, 5510 Tage LibudaThe link is enough - the app must not be installed

28.01.20 13:46
Rakuten Link is a dialing app developed by Rakuten Mobile based on international RCS (Rich Communication Services) standards. Unlike other messaging apps which require users to have the app installed to be able to communicate with each other, Rakuten Link allows users to make domestic and international calls to both mobile phones and fixed lines, as well as send texts and messages to mobile phones in Japan and overseas.

51098 Postings, 5510 Tage LibudaDavon profitiert heute auch Lyft

28.01.20 15:40
Uber's stock rallies after UBS initiates coverage with bullish rating, sees potential for 54% gain
Tomi Kilgore
MarketWatch?January 28, 2020

Shares of Uber Technologies Inc. rose 1.9% in premarket trading Tuesday, after a bullish call from analyst Eric Sheridan at UBS, saying the ride-sharing company checks each key theme and investing opportunity that he has identified for the internet sector. Sheridan initiated coverage of Uber with a buy rating and $56 stock price target, which is 54% above Monday's closing price of $36.30. The key themes Sheridan identified for internet companies are scale, secular growth tailwinds, underlying asset value, management team focused on positive capital allocation and rising margin profile.

13 Postings, 3135 Tage websinist rakuten...

28.01.20 16:35

eigentlich die explodierte rakete von musk?

Fiscal Period December 2016 2017 2018 2019 (e) 2020 (e) 2021 (e)
Free Cash Flow (FCF) 3 859 -41 662 78 046 -44 943 9 992 -41 434

Profitability                                      2019e 2020e
Operating Margin (EBIT / Sales) 9,04% 2,08%

.............2% !!! Wow! Da würde ich lieber Pfandflaschen sammeln.



51098 Postings, 5510 Tage LibudaAuch bei diesem Zahlungsverkehrdienstleister

28.01.20 16:57
ist Rakuten dabei.

Digital payments startup QFPay, the largest global partner of WeChat Pay and Alipay, raised $20 million in new funding led by returning investors Sequoia Capital China and Matrix Partners, TechCrunch reported on Tuesday (Aug. 13).

MDI Ventures, Rakuten Capital and VentureSouq also invested in the funding, which is being earmarked for the creation of new digital payment solutions. This new round of funds brings QFPay?s total funding to $36.5 million.

QFPay was founded in China in 2012 and is known for its QR code-based technology. The company says it has processed over 1 billion transactions for 1 million-plus merchants, according to the report.

1146 Postings, 829 Tage irgendwieÜberall

28.01.20 17:07
dabei aber nirgends so richtig drin wie man so schön sagt.

Rakuten ist, bleibt und wird immer noch ein grösserer GEMISCHTWARENLADEN

Da würde es vielleicht mehr Sinn machen etwas auszumisten, möchte gar nicht wissen wie viele von denen wo man DABEI ist nur Geld verbrennen. Da wundert man sich dann nicht wenn sie 2019 einen Verlust bringen werden und 2020 auch kaum ein paar YENs Gewinn machen.  

51098 Postings, 5510 Tage LibudaRakuten ist an RedDoorz beteiligt

28.01.20 17:14
RedDoorz: The unlikely David to OYO?s Goliath in Southeast Asia

After years of growing in the shadows, budget hotel aggregator RedDoorz made a statement of intent by raising $115 million in 2019. Now, as it looks to conquer SE Asia, it?s on a collision course with OYO.
Online travel spending in Southeast Asia is tipped to more than double to reach $78B by 2025?the region already has unicorns in flight booking and activities, and the hotel booking space is primed for a challenger

1146 Postings, 829 Tage irgendwieÜberall

28.01.20 17:37
ist Rakuten dabei, egal wo, egal wie, Hauptsache dabei.

Die hängen wohl oder übel noch am olympischen Gedanken: DABEI SEIN IST ALLES

Gewinnen werden halt die anderen.  

51098 Postings, 5510 Tage LibudaViber put user privacy on top of money.

28.01.20 18:37

Facebook has its own messaging app, WhatsApp and a messaging interface on Instagram too. How does that affect Viber which is a standalone platform?

We do compete with Facebook?s galaxy of apps. I think there are two aspects to it. The first is behaviour in a place where people use multiple apps, five to six years back people typically used one app but people now definitely use more than one. So, I think competition is always good because competition also helps grow the industry. It makes more people join the communication platform. But one major difference is also the fact that we are a more private and secure platform as compared to the Facebook apps. And that?s purely because we put user privacy first.

There are plenty of messaging apps, with their own claims of security and encryption. What do you think is the most outstanding feature of Viber?

I will be very specific about it. Viber is unique as we are the only messaging app that is offering end-to-end encryption by default and is not sharing its data with any social media handle. So, if you go through in detail in every other app, somebody will say they have encryption somebody don?t and some will say we have encryption but we share information. We are the only truly safe and secure app out there. If you look at the competition over the years, Facebook messenger is not end-to-end encrypted, WhatsApp is owned by Facebook and gone on record saying that they share all the information with Facebook. The reason I am being very open about it is that this is open knowledge. We are not part of any social network where we need to use this data to earn money somewhere else. And we are not small. For us, we put user privacy on top of money.

1146 Postings, 829 Tage irgendwiePerformance

28.01.20 19:27
seit Threadbeginn MINUS 40,92 %

Und das ist eine Ewigkeit her.

Muss man zu dieser Aktie noch mehr sagen. NEIN, das sagt eigentlich alles aus. Vor allem wenn man bedenkt dass wir seit 10 Jahren eine Jahrhunderthausse haben.  

1389 Postings, 1560 Tage unratgeberOh oh

28.01.20 20:24

Viel Erfolg weiterhin, ich drücke Dir die Daumen, dass das noch was wird. Ich glaube es aber nicht.  

51098 Postings, 5510 Tage Libudazu 4667: Ich bin ein Langfristinvestor, sodass

28.01.20 20:28
das für mich ähnlich wichtig ist, als ob in China der berühmte Sack Reis umfällt.  

1389 Postings, 1560 Tage unratgeberAha

28.01.20 20:39
Ok, Spaßvogel :-)  

51098 Postings, 5510 Tage LibudaMan kann über Ride-Sharing sicher diskutieren,

28.01.20 21:13
aber offensichtlich wünschen das sich doch manche, die es nicht haben:

City councillor calling for changes to bring Uber, Lyft to Winnipeg
Posted January 27, 2020 7:00 pm

Days after Uber and Lyft launched in Vancouver ? making Winnipeg the only major city in western Canada without the ridesharing apps ? one city councillor is calling for changes that would allow the companies to hit the streets here, too.

Councillor Jeff Browatty (North Kildonan) says Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI) regulations are keeping companies like Lyft and Uber from setting up shop in Winnipeg.

?Whether you?re in Los Angeles or New York, Grand Forks or Regina, you can find Uber and Lyft services in all those cities at this point,? he told Global News Monday.

?The fact that you can?t find it in a major city like Winnipeg is a drawback. What needs to happen is MPI needs to go back and adopt a different type of insurance product for the major ridesharing companies.

?It was done in B.C., it was done in Saskatchewan and that?s what MPI needs to do.?


51098 Postings, 5510 Tage LibudaUnd ich kann mir das auch unter Auflagen

28.01.20 21:20
in Deutschland vorstellen, denn zu teurere Transportdienste fressen ein Teil unseres Wohlstandes, wobei für mich immer die Nebenbedingung gilt, dass Ridesharing ansonsten effizienten (und das muss genau untersucht werden) Nahverkehr nicht beeinträchtigen darf und umweltmäßig nichts verschlechtern darf.  

1146 Postings, 829 Tage irgendwieUnd die satte

29.01.20 07:52
Erholung von den Montagskursen die gestern überall eingetreten ist hat wie so oft

Rakuten nicht mitgemacht.

Positiv ist nur dass der Kurs nicht gefallen ist. Schlusskurs wie gestern 874 YEN

Traurig aber wahr.  

2577 Postings, 897 Tage CoshaDas ist so ziemlich die letzte Aktie

29.01.20 07:59
die ein fundamental orientierter Langzeit Investor in sein Depot nimmt.

51098 Postings, 5510 Tage LibudaRakuten/Ebates ist auch Kanada aktiv:

29.01.20 11:14
Rakuten Canadian Review ? BestCash Back App (2020)
November 14, 2019

51098 Postings, 5510 Tage Libudaviber-ads-with-admixer

29.01.20 13:01

How to deliver Viber ads with Admixer system

Last year Admixer became an official Viber ad reseller. Now we are introducing a special template for ad creatives within our regular ad campaign setup process.

Admixer?s main focus is on ad campaign automation. And that is why we are rolling out a special template for running Viber ad delivery through Admixer.DSP platform.

51098 Postings, 5510 Tage LibudaNew movie business will lift profits at other unit

29.01.20 13:21
Rakuten hopes new movie business will lift profits at other units

Japan group seeks tie-ups with its e-tail, travel and other digital platforms
YOICHIRO HIROI, Nikkei staff writer August 24, 2019 15:17 JST

TOKYO -- Rakuten, an e-commerce company that has had tremendous success in Japan but receives only 20% of its overall revenue from overseas, is stepping into the movie business in a bid to grow its activities in other sectors and to gain more global recognition.

51098 Postings, 5510 Tage LibudaDie nur mit 20% bezifferten Auslandsumätze

29.01.20 13:31
im letzten Posting zeichnen m.E. aber ein etwas  falsches Bild über die Auslandsaktivitäten von Rakuten.

Denn Rakuten hat sich nach wohl negativen Erfahrungen mit eigenen 100%igen Auslandsgesellschaften in einzelnen Ländern dort zurückgezogen und fährt jetzt eine andere Strategie: Man agiert nur als Minderheitseigner bei recht vielen Auslandsgesellschaften, die allerdings Verbindungen zu den eigenen betriebenen Aktivitäten haben, und bestimmt dort nur vereinzelt über in Boards Entsandte mit. Das bindet sehr viel weniger Managementkapazitäten und das Risiko ist auf den Kapitaleinsatz beschränkt.  

51098 Postings, 5510 Tage LibudaRakuten Europe ist der dominierende Aktionär

29.01.20 18:08
mit 41,21% von Cabify.

?Rakuten Europe la accionista dominante con un 41,21% de Cabify.?

51098 Postings, 5510 Tage Libudazu 4678: Und diese 144 Millionen sind nur die

29.01.20 18:15
Umsätze in Spanien in 2018:

"Cabify managed to double its revenues in Spain last year, to 144 million euros, in the middle of a conflict between the transport vehicle sector with the driver (VTC) and the taxi sector. Despite this, its operating losses stood at 3.6 million, compared to five million in 2017. The company revealed its business figures for the first time on Tuesday and said it expects to enter into profits this year or next year.

The Co-Founder of the company, Vicente Pascual, explained that the company is still planning to go public, although he has specified that it will not do so as soon as "within one or two years". In an APIE and BBVA course at the Menéndez Pelayo University, the executive explained that trips made through his platform increased more than 100% last year.

51098 Postings, 5510 Tage Libudazu 4677 - 79: Die anteilgen Umsätze von Cabify

29.01.20 19:29
sind zum Beispiel nicht bei Rakuten enthalten.  

51098 Postings, 5510 Tage LibudaRakuten ist an Currencycloud beteiligt

29.01.20 19:46
Visa invests in Currencycloud, joins its boardVisa, along with Google Ventures, invested in an $80 million Series E fundraising round in cross-border B2B payments provider Currencycloud. The London-based B2B cross-border payment provider raised funds from 10 different investors in its latest Series E equity round including Visa, Google Ventures, BNP Paribas, Siam Commercial Bank Group, Sapphire Ventures, Anthemis Group, SBI Group, Notion, Accomplice, and International Finance Group. Currencycloud will use the funds to expand its portfolio of emerging payment methods such as mobile wallets, instant payments and cards.

In 2017, Google Ventures led a $25 million Series D round for Currencycloud. This round had a total of six investors including Notion Capital, Sapphire Ventures, Anthemis and Rakuten FinTech Fund. Currencycloud has raised over $160 million in debt and equity financing in 11 funding rounds, according to Crunchbase, a website that tracks investments in private companies.

51098 Postings, 5510 Tage LibudaMeines Erachtens ein Grund, um Lyft und Rakuten

29.01.20 21:44

?We are still growing rapidly and plan to hire more than 1,000 new employees this year." The ride-hailing service has consistently lost money, raising questions about its ability to turn a profit. Last year, Lyft Chief Executive Logan Green said it would be profitable by late 2021, if it excluded some costs.?

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