Um zukunftsfähig zu sein, wurde unsere aktuelle Webseite für die neuesten Technologien entwickelt.
Daher können bei alten Browsern leider Probleme auftreten.
Damit die neue Börse-Online-Seite richtig funktioniert und Spaß macht, empfehlen wir Ihnen einen dieser aktuellen und kostenlosen Browser herunterzuladen:

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1203 Postings, 764 Tage segwit2xWhy Bitcoin will go a lot higher...

13.12.18 18:19

1203 Postings, 764 Tage segwit2xBörse Stuttgart ...

14.12.18 05:29

Crypto may be experiencing a cold winter right now but there are still plenty of rays of hope for the year ahead. Not only US heavyweights Bakkt and Nasdaq are coming onto the scene, but Germany is also steaming ahead with crypto adoption.

The Boerse Stuttgart crypto trading venue will be for both retail and institutional investors who want to place orders similar to traditional securities trading. The platform also aims to bring much-needed transparency to the space with open order books that provide information on the current market situation and existing orders at all times.

The company is also seeking regulation as a Multilateral Trading Facility (MTF).


1203 Postings, 764 Tage segwit2xCrypto User Base Booms...

14.12.18 19:07
The number of verified users is now seven times higher than what it was two years ago and nearly twice the 2017 figure. In 2017, the number of verified cryptoasset users was 18 million while in 2016 it was five million. This year the report estimates the ID-verified userbase has hit the 35 million mark across the globe:

?Using a combination of verified user data and the average share of ID-verified accounts described above, we also estimate there are currently at least 35 million ID-verified users globally.?

Besides the rise in user numbers, there has also been a marginal increase in the number of active users. In 2016, the percentage of active users was 35%, and this rose by a percentage point in 2017 and another percentage point in 2018 to reach 38%.

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1203 Postings, 764 Tage segwit2xBörse Stuttgart

15.12.18 07:24
Krypto-Update: Ausblick 2019 ? Geht es für Bitcoin & Co. endlich wieder aufwärts?  

1203 Postings, 764 Tage segwit2xAnzeichen für eine positive Trendwende

16.12.18 15:29

1203 Postings, 764 Tage segwit2xBitcoin Morning Brief

17.12.18 17:55
Proof of Keys, Who Controls Core, Lightning & ERC-20
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1203 Postings, 764 Tage segwit2xBTC/USD, the technical picture

19.12.18 05:00
On the 4-hour chart, BTC/USD broke free from the downside channel to trade above both SMA50 and SMA100, which is a clearly positive signal for the bulls. If the gains are sustainable through the European session, we have an excellent chance to We have a good opportunity see BTC/USD at $3,800. This barrier is protected by Pivot Point 1-week Resistance 2, though a good momentum can take the price all the way higher to $4,000.

The Relative Strength Index is on the overbought territory, though there are no signs of reversal as of yet. It means that the bulls are still in control and ready to drive the price higher.

However, a sustainable movement under $3,600 with SMA100, 4-hour on approach will spoil the short-term picture and push BTC/USD towards the congestion zone $3,500-$3,480. Once below, the sell-off will gain traction with the next aim at $3,330 (SMA50, 4-hour) and $3,300.  

1203 Postings, 764 Tage segwit2xBitcoin erobert das All

19.12.18 06:05
Bitcoin im All: Blockstream hat ihren Satellitenservice nun auf den asiatisch-pazifischen Raum ausgedehnt. Außerdem kündigt das Blockchain-Unternehmen an, bald die Blockstream-API an den Start zu bringen. Damit wird es möglich, Nachrichten per Satellit zu versenden. Gezahlt wird dabei über das Bitcoin Lightning Network...


1203 Postings, 764 Tage segwit2xFacebook...

20.12.18 07:23
Facecoin, if created, will definitely have an upper hand. For one, it will have two billion people ready to use and back it. In comparison, there are about 50 million crypto wallets, and not all these are active. Second, Facebook might make it much easier to access the token to their users. One of the challenges Bitcoin has encountered is the perception that it?s difficult to obtain and use.
Would Facecoin Just Be Repackaging the Original Problem?

Satoshi gave us Bitcoin to give us freedom from monopolies. The peer-to-peer currency is governed by mathematics and programming, with no single entity having absolute power. Bitcoin was supposed to give back the power to the most important faction in the ecosystem, the user.

However, if Facecoin took over, Satoshi?s vision could be jeopardized. Facebook could have control over the currency and could dictate its supply, circulation and more. In recent times, Facebook has been at the spotlight, with privacy and manipulation scandals being the order of the day.

Whether Facecoin will threaten Bitcoin is still unknown. The token could become just a medium of exchange on the platform while Bitcoin pursues the larger fiat-dominated market. For now, one thing is clear; Bitcoin is on the recovery path once again and could recapture the $4,000 soon.


1203 Postings, 764 Tage segwit2xBitcoin Brief

20.12.18 16:03
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1203 Postings, 764 Tage segwit2xBTC, ETH Price Forecast

20.12.18 16:51
+ My NOT financial advice (20 Dec 2018)
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1203 Postings, 764 Tage segwit2xDavincij15...

21.12.18 06:48

1203 Postings, 764 Tage segwit2xDavincij15

21.12.18 21:38
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1203 Postings, 764 Tage segwit2xLaunch of Bakkt Bitcoin Futures Market

22.12.18 06:22
The company last set Jan. 24 as the launch date. However, ICE has yet to receive the necessary approvals from the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), and at the pace the agency has been moving, it is unlikely that approvals will be secured in time to hit that target.

To be clear: That does not mean the CFTC won?t ultimately approve the plan. A person familiar with the agency?s inner workings said even a Jan. 30 launch was still plausible, meaning the delay could be just a matter of days.


1203 Postings, 764 Tage segwit2xHow to Survive the Bear Market?

23.12.18 05:07

1203 Postings, 764 Tage segwit2xShorts BTC...

23.12.18 05:12
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1203 Postings, 764 Tage segwit2xTrading Bitcoin

23.12.18 05:19
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1203 Postings, 764 Tage segwit2xEthereum Price Analysis

23.12.18 05:25
Key Highlights

ETH price surged higher and broke the $115 and $125 resistance levels against the US Dollar.There is a major bullish trend line formed with support at $114 on the 4-hours chart of ETH/USD (data feed via Kraken).The pair remains in a solid uptrend and it could continue to rise towards the $135 or $140 level.

Ethereum price gained a lot of bids versus the US Dollar and Bitcoin. ETH/USD broke the $125 resistance and it may now climb towards the $140 level.

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1203 Postings, 764 Tage segwit2xDavincij15...

23.12.18 23:39
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1203 Postings, 764 Tage segwit2xMMCrypto

23.12.18 23:49
Tone Vays: ETHEREUM TO $0.20 & BITCOIN TO $1.300 | INTERVIEW!  

1203 Postings, 764 Tage segwit2xETH/EUR

24.12.18 07:48

ETH/EUR (Ethereum / Euro) Kryptowährung

ETH/EUR (Ethereum / Euro) Kryptowährung Chart
Kursanbieter: Bitstamp

1203 Postings, 764 Tage segwit2xBTC/EUR

24.12.18 07:49

Bitcoin-Kurs (Bitcoin/Euro) Kryptowährung

BTC/EUR (Bitcoin / Euro) Kryptowährung Chart

1203 Postings, 764 Tage segwit2xBitcoin bei 2.500 Dollar im Januar?

24.12.18 07:50
Lees Bitcoin-Zyklus

Diesen Kursveränderungen ist Krypto-Schwergewicht Lee bei der Vorhersage des zukünftigen Bitcoin-Kurses gefolgt. Demnach würde der Bitcoin erneut 87 Prozent Wertverlust nach seinem Allzeithoch von 2017 hinnehmen und würde dann dieser Logik folgend im Januar 2019 (13 Monate später) einen Boden bei 2.500 US-Dollar finden. In diesem Zusammenhang spricht Lee von einem 4-Jahres-Zyklus, dem der Bitcoin-Kurs folge.

Zukünftiger Kurs

Jedoch geht Krypto-Bulle Lee noch einen Schritt weiter und setzt das Szenario auch für die nächsten Jahre fort. Sollte sich der Trend wie in der Vergangenheit wiederholen, rechnet Lee mit einer erneuten Kursrally gegen Ende des Jahres 2020. Diese würde mit einem neuen Höchstwert bei 333.000 US-Dollar im Dezember 2021 ihren Höhepunkt finden. Von da an müsste es laut Lee einen erneuten Kursverlust von 87 Prozent geben und der Bitcoin anschließend bei 41.000 US-Dollar im Januar 2023 einen Boden finden. Natürlich würde es laut Lee nur so weit kommen, sollte sich die Vergangenheit wirklich 1 zu 1 wiederholen.  

1203 Postings, 764 Tage segwit2xBTC vs. ETH

26.12.18 08:49
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1203 Postings, 764 Tage segwit2xLightning Network...

26.12.18 08:50
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