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Adesto Technologies Memory Player is booming

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59259 Postings, 7349 Tage KickyAdesto Technologies Memory Player is booming

27.08.19 12:20
da hier niemenad bisher angefangen hat, möchte ich die doch mal reinstellen, leider bisher nur am Nasdaq  IOTS
ich habe sie schon ne Weile auf der Watchlist .
In the Q2CC, the CFO summed up the quarter as follows: "So I think everything is growing and they are all growing strongly."

And indeed, trade war nor a global manufacturing slowdown seem to have gotten a grip on this company. After having digested two acquisitions, margins and cash flow are also turning up. What's not to like?
The shares of Adesto Technologies (IOTS) are up nearly 80% since our last article on the company in December last year.Things are moving really well for the company especially after the Q2 figures, which isn't surprising to us....."
The company has three main product families:
ASIC (application specific integrated circuit)
Embedded systems
And it has three main market segments:
Consumer (45% of revenue)
Industrial (48% of revenue)
Communications, medical
The company is facing a large and fast growing market opportunity....." Chart  

59259 Postings, 7349 Tage KickyArista Networks Betting on future internet needs

06.09.19 10:21
3 Large Cap Stocks to buy Arista Networks ANET
".....Shares of this network hardware and software provider have been on a wild ride as of late. After ending 2018 down 11%, the stock came roaring back in 2019 and was up as much as 50% from where it began the year. But, as of this writing, its year-to-date return stands at just 7%. Buying opportunity? I think so.

Here's the skinny. Arista Networks provides components and management tools for the cloud -- data centers that are quickly becoming the backbone of the internet and business operations around the world. A couple of issues are causing the stock's extreme volatility. First, Arista is priced for growth. Its market cap of $16.9 billion is 25.8 times its last 12 months of earnings; by comparison, the S&P 500's price to earnings ratio is 22.5. But Arista has indicated that its biggest cloud computing customers are slowing down their capital expenditures. It now forecasts revenue growth from them will be in the single-digit percentage range, and some investors worry that the company's high-growth story is coming to an end.

Second, investors are increasingly concerned that a weakening global economy and the trade war between the U.S. and China are exacerbating the company's problems. To be sure, if the world does fall into recession, business spending and investment will likely take a dive. ...
Looking to the long term, though, there is plenty of gas left in the tank for this data center component manufacturer. Cloud computing is still a high-growth concern, with worldwide spending expected to keep going up by double-digit percentages annually for the foreseeable future. ....

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